Woman Punches Husband In The Face For Interrupting Her ‘pleasuring herself’


By TheGrio

A woman in Florida punched her husband in his face when he interrupted her “pleasuring herself.” He had come into the room because he thought she was having sex with another man.

Flavia Higgs is a 42-year-old licensed private investigator and she has now been arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery after the incident in their bedroom.

Her husband Garrett had been living in a different bedroom for over a year due to the fact that they are estranged. He told officers that he came home and heard “moaning from the house” before walking to the door and knocking on it.

“He banged and she would not answer the door,” states the police report. “He said he thought there was another man in his house and he used a screwdriver to open the door.”

When he entered the room, his wife tried to “physically escort him out” of the room as he pushed past her. That was when she punched him in the face.

“He wasn’t sure if it was open or closed handed,” according to the report. “When this happened they both started screaming and yelling and she called 911.”

Flavia Higgs admitted that she had been “pleasuring herself” when her estranged husband came home. She was arrested since she was the first one to “initiate physical contact,” according to officers on scene.

No injuries were reported and Flavia Higgs has been released. Read More

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