Woman jailed after severely beating her husband for passing gas in bed


By    |  December 23, 2015 6:51 AM EST

A man was a victim of domestic violence because of a natural function of the body. According to a report by First Coast News, the incident occurred while the man was sleeping with his wife, Dawn Meikle, at their home in St. Lucie, Florida.

Apparently, the man had eaten food that caused a reaction within his digestive system. He soon began passing gas while his wife attempted to get sleep. Meikle elbowed the man in his arm in an attempt to make him stop passing gas. However, the food continued to bother the man’s stomach and he passed gas again.

Upset, Meikle began punching and kicking her husband ,who tried to restrain her for his own safety. But she remained aggressive and threw more punches and kicks in his direction. When police arrived at the home, they noticed that the man suffered several 8-inch scratches across his chest and his shirt was ripped in three places.

Meikle’s lip was split, but she told police that it only occurred when her husband attempted to restrain her and that he never threw a punch.

Meikle’s ordeal serves as a reminder of how marriages must remain strong through good times and even in moments where your partner has eaten food that causes flatulence.

She has since been charged with domestic battery.

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