Woman grows fingernails where she should grow hair


By The Medical Blog

Imagine being 28-years old, at the prime of your life, and being hit by a disease so devastating that you didn’t even know it existed. This woman’s situation is one that will make you thankful for your health.  She has a rare condition in which the hair follicles on her body have been replaced by actual fingernails.

Her case hit the media two years ago, and according to the video below, she is now fighting for her life.  Shanyna Isom has baffled doctors for the last several years as they continue to try to figure out what happened to this beautiful young woman.

According to the Huffington Post, Isom’s condition began in 2009 when she went to the doctor after an asthma attack.  It turns out that the steroids they prescribed to her caused an allergic reaction.  She wasn’t worried at first, but became increasingly concerned when she developed bumps on her leg and darkened skin.  That’s when the nightmare began.

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