Woman Found Missing Grandson Mummified In Attic


By The Grio

Two years after her grandson went missing, a Pennsylvania woman discovered his mummified remains in her attic.

Zanobia Richmond said that she discovered the remains after she heard a thump in her attic, and she called the police.

“They were mummified,” Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook told The New York Post. “The lack of airflow and the fact that the attic wasn’t vented — those conditions were optimal for dehydration and mummification.”

While an official cause of death has not been released, it appears Dyquain Rogers hanged himself.

While officials say there is “nothing to suggest anything other than suicide” in his death, though it took some time for his family to accept what had happened.

For example, his aunt, Erica Jeffries-Jordan told the Erie Times-News that she initially “didn’t believe” that he had killed himself but now has accepted it.

“I have to accept it now because that is what they said,” Jeffries-Jordan said. “I really don’t want to accept it.”

When Rogers was initially reported as missing, police searched inside and outside of the house, but the reports do not indicate whether the attic was searched.

“All indications are that [Rogers] wasn’t there when our guys were there,” Erie Police Chief Donald Dacus said. “He returned at some point wearing different clothing.”

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