Woman: An insurance agent threatened to rape me because of my views on Social Media


By The Huffington Post

The Internet can be a very scary place for a woman who dares to have a voice. As a feminist YouTube blogger, I deal with a fair amount of harassment for speaking up for the numerous marginalized communities that I embody as a black woman of trans experience. I’m passionate about so many things, but I find myself discussing racism quite often, as my blackness is often the first thing people see and therefore, the first thing used against me. I spend a lot of time on my Facebook page deconstructing the white supremacy laced in the comments that are often posted to my page. One of the most effective ways I’ve done that is through screen shots.


I take screen shots for many reasons. First and foremost because people have convinced themselves that often I engage in these conversations because of my supposed obsession with being a victim who loves to blow things out of proportion. My arguments are often dismissed as childish and people say that I’m complaining about non-issues. I feel like it’s important to demonstrate that while racism may not be as loud as it used to be, it’s still echoing in our culture and often in how the lives of people of color are devalued. Putting a face to these comments is very important to me so I almost never blur out their names. I want to bring home that these are real people who really feel this way and are proud enough and content enough in their positions that they’re willing to do so publicly. Some people have considered this a violation of “Freedom of Speech.”

Free Speech is succinctly defined, as “the right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship.” A lot of people, especially on the Internet, feel like Freedom of Speech means that they can essentially say what ever they want and no one can say anything against it. Freedom of Speech is a two-way street. You can say something and I can say something in response. Even if I decided to ban you from my Facebook page, I am still not violating your legal right to free speech. I try not to do that and I let even the most hateful people post on my page. Sometimes, however, the boldness of these posters leaves me in absolute awe.

“Political correctness” is a term that often comes up whenever I’m speaking out against something that hurts a minority. When you have these conversations so often, you become used to the typical part of a conversation where a majority group whines on and on about the dreaded “PC Police” and how little respect they can muster for other people. At a certain point it becomes comical that these people enter into conversations about genocide, forced sterilization, enslavement, murder and rape to complain that they were being pressured not to make light of those things. Because, clearly, asking someone to not be a jerk is on the same level as all the above. I made this status poking fun at this concept.

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