Wife’s arm ripped off by husband’s pet pit bull


By The Daily News

Man’s best friend turned on this man’s wife.

A South Carolina woman had her left arm torn off by her husband’s pit bull after the dog inexplicably attacked her in their Charleston home Sunday.

As of Monday, 48-year-old Katherine Rizk remains in an intensive care unit and “is not doing well,” her husband Mahmoud Rizk told the Post and Courier.

“She’s devastated, very upset and she’s in shock,” he said.

The dangerous dog, Tiger, was euthanized Monday by the Charleston Animal Society after Rizk voluntarily turned in the pet.

Rizk said he had Tiger since the pooch was a puppy, and never saw him get violent during those three years. The owner speculated that Tiger might have attacked Katherine because she accidentally touched a fresh wound while petting him.

“That was like a terror movie,” neighbor Huge Montoya, who called 911 after hearing Katherine’s screams, told the Post and Courier. “The dog was pulling her body like it was a toy.”

Tiger dragged the woman around three houses before emergency responders arrived, Montoya said.

“It was so terrifying,” he said. “I couldn’t believe her own dog would do those things to her. I need to remove that scene from my brain.”

The dog only released his death grip on Katherine once a man driving by got out of his car and threw a guitar stand at him, News2 reported.

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