While Refugees Receive Food And Shelter A Homeless Veteran Dies In Cold


By U.S. Chronicle

Known only by the name, Sture, the Swedish veteran was homeless, and doing whatever he could to keep warm in the sub freezing temperatures. His death was reported in the Nynashamn Newspaper. It is believed that he had sought refuge from the freezing temperatures at the hospital, but had been removed from the warmth of the building when a security guard came on duty.

Sture then allegedly sought shelter at a nearby bathroom, but was removed by illegal immigrants who were also staying warm inside.

As a last resort, Sture settled down on a bus stop bench outside the hospital where he attempted to unsuccessfully retain his body heat.

In the morning, his lifeless body was discovered by a security guard.

The tragedy has been further compounded by the Swedish government’s efforts to roll out the red carpet for Islamic refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

In the video below, an African family is shown to their new tax-payer funded dwelling, complete with modern day amenities such as a stove, toilet, and fridge. The Swedish government is having to teach the family to use each of the appliances, as the women in the video explains that they had to cook on hot stones in their native country.

Even more supprising, is when the woman makes a phone call and explains to the person on the other end that Sweden has a very different culture. In Sweden, you do not beat your children, you educate them instead.

It is amazing that the government is spending so much money to ensure that people who are not even citizens are comfortable, yet failing its own people and especially its own veterans.

With the Obama’s administration’s scandalous treatment of American veterans through the V.A, as well as its insistence that it imports 10,000 unvetted Syrian refugees, it is not hard to imagine America seeing stories like this in the near future.

Unfortunately the original video has been scrubbed off the internet.

But here is a video about the Swedish government renting out hotels to immigrants because public housing is full.

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