Wheelchair bound man robs a bank and gets away


By The Grio

A man in a wheelchair robbed a Queens bank on Monday afternoon and got away with it.

According to the Daily News, the suspect, a man in his 20s, passed a note to the teller at the Santander Bank on Broadway in Astoria. After receiving the money, he then wheeled away with the $1,212.

He made a clean getaway and could be seen on surveillance video rolling away down the street. The suspect was wearing a gray hoodie and jeans at the time of the robbery.

The robbery has left customers and residents shocked and wondering how such a thing could even happen.

“You really can’t trust anybody,” Astoria resident Helen Karagiorgos told the Daily News. “If he’s not disabled, then he’s taking advantage of those who are by pretending. That’s wrong.”

“If this guy got away so easily,” said Matthew Basner, 42, of Astoria, “they could use better security.”

The NYPD is still looking for the suspect.

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