Weed is legal and FREE in Oregon


By The Huffington Post

There’s only one marijuana price tag that’s legal now that pot prohibition is over in Oregon: free.

That’s right, there’s still no system in place to buy or sell weed. That process could take another year, unless legislation passes that would make it legal for state medical marijuana dispensaries to sell to the public.

But you can give weed away, and local groups are taking advantage of it. That’s exactly what the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws did as the clock struck midnight on Wednesday, handing out joints and seeds as hundreds of locals crowded Burnside Bridge to celebrate marijuana legalization.

It was a smoke-out with a message: Legalization is so much more than being able to smoke a joint in your home without being a criminal. It’s a health care issue; it’s a tax revenue issue; it saves states millions in the court system; and it ends the hidden costs of prosecution, which emerge when someone can’t get a job because there’s a possession charge on their record.


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