Undocumented Woman with Brain Tumor Removed From Hospital By Federal Agents


By Daily News

Her New York relatives are terrified Sara Beltran Hernandez will die from a brain tumor after federal immigration agents snatched her from a Texas hospital bed Wednesday night.

As her family worried Thursday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said the 26-year-old undocumented mother of two was stable and voluntarily discharged by her doctor to The Prairieland Detention Center pending a Monday appointment with a specialist.

Beltran Hernandez reportedly fled a domestic abuser in El Salvador before she was picked up trying to enter the U.S. near Hidalgo, Tex., in November.

An immigration judge ordered her deportation last month.

Beltran Hernandez’s Queens-based relatives have been working feverishly on a petition for her asylum. Her sister rushed to Texas and was allowed an 80-minute visit with her late Thursday, family spokeswoman Melissa Zuniga told the Daily News.

“Sara is worse than we thought,” Zuniga, a paralegal who accompanied the sister to the Texas detention facility, said. “Death may be imminent.”

She said Beltran Hernandez is “very weak” and can barely walk“I feel dizzy, with pain. Heavy eyes. Nausea. If I walk fast, I feel dizzy. Noise really bothers me. I have not eaten since yesterday . . . because I have no appetite. Sometimes, I forget things. The tongue is not always responsive,” Beltran Hernandez told an attorney who visited her at the detention center Thursday, according to The Associated Press.

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