Two Men Kidnapped And Raped Kansas City Deputy


By Daily News

Two men kidnapped a Kansas sheriff’s deputy, raped her in their car and dropped her off just half a mile from her department’s headquarters, officials said.

William Luth, 24, and Brady Newman-Caddell, 21, were charged with aggravated kidnapping, rape and sodomy Tuesday for the attack on the young Johnson County officer.

The deputy — described only as a woman in her early 20s — was not armed or in uniform when she was kidnapped Friday in Olathe, just outside of Kansas City, official said. Investigators do not believe the duo targeted her because she is a deputy, the Kansas City Star reported.

The Johnson County officer stopped at a convenience store before she headed to her shift at the town’s detention facility Friday night.

Luth and Newman-Caddell followed her from the gas station to the parking lot in front of the facility, where they “ambushed” her and forced her into their car, officials said.

The pair covered the deputy’s eyes with a sweatshirt and took turns sexually assaulting her as they drove around the town, officers said.

They released her several hours later, about half a mile away from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, and she walked to safety, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp said.

“She got dropped off in a very dark, remote location and she just started walking toward the light,” he told KCTV. “I can’t imagine what she went through. I know that she had to be terrified.”

After a weekend long manhunt for the suspects, officers tracked down Luth and Newman-Caddell Monday by using the gas station surveillance footage of their car.

They were each charged a day later with two counts of rape and single counts of aggravated sodomy and kidnapping.

They are both being held on a $1 million bond.

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