Tiny’s new eye surgery may blind you


By Yolanda Spivey

Social media outlets were abuzz at the recent news that Tameka “Tiny” Harris permanently changed her eye color from dark brown to ice-gray.

The pint sized singer, and wife of rapper TI, confirmed the news on Instagram, thanking her doctor.  She stated:

I permanently changed my eye color with Brightocular and loving it! Thank you Dr. Montasser Menif for the amazing experience and for making my dream come true.  I hated wearing contacts just for the color and it made my vision blurry.  Blessed to say my vision is perfect after my ice-gray implants.

Special thanks to #Spencer Vessa for all that you’ve done to make the process happen.  You’re amazing and thank you #faiza for your exceptional customer service.

The type of surgery Tiny had is called iris-implant surgery.

Blackdoctor.com states, “During iris-implant surgery, an artificial iris made of silicone is folded and inserted into a slit that has been cut into the cornea. Then the iris is unfolded and adjusted to cover the natural iris. Local anesthesia is used.”

They also report the following complications that can occur:

  • Reduced vision or blindness
  • Elevated pressure inside the eye that can lead to glaucoma, a potentially blinding disease
  • Cataract (clouding of the eye’s naturally clear lens)
  • Injury to the cornea, the clear outer area of the eye that focuses light and makes vision possible. If severe enough, a corneal transplant may be needed
  • Inflammation of the iris or areas around it, leading to pain, blurred vision and tearing
  • When complications occur, the implants often must be removed via additional surgery, which carries its own risks of damaging the eye. In one study, nine of 14 patients needed their implants removed.

In 2009, a student from London by the name of Shenise Farrell, underwent the same type of surgery to change her eye color.  Unfortunately, she went to an unregulated medical facility in Panama, spent $8000 (UK dollars) on the operation, and the procedure almost blinded her.

She ended up removing the implants after complications.

Doctors are strongly advising people against the surgery.



5 Responses to Tiny’s new eye surgery may blind you

  1. sharon anthony says:

    I have brown eyes, my sister had blue. I always wanted to have green eyes. They just kinda sometimes facinated me. I had worn a contact for a while when I was younger. They are so thin now, you can’t feel them in your eye. I say contact because I only wore one. My left eye is so scarred from infections as a child I can’t put a contact in it. So, when I read about this, I really hope that young people don’t do this. There are contacts that eye doctors prescribe that change the color. Then there are the ones people can buy at a store, ugh even some gas station/convenience stores. Don’t get those. For one contacts have to be fitted to the curve etc of your eyes, second what is in them? what are they stored in? are they sterile before bought?Our eyes are our window to the world, a gift. Don’t damage or destroy it for vanity.

  2. Lovie Marshall says:

    God created us they way he did. I could me an multi millionaire I would not change nothing but eat right excrise and live but most of all put God first. God did not intend for man to change nothing. All those type of surgery that people are doing when they get older they look like a plastic dummy.we as black folks was blessed with all. We maybe not like in this world because of color but we was bless with shapes and color. Where others have to get tans for our complexion , rack butts and breast and lips. Just work out keep in tone and be blessed the way God created us. We may come in various skin complexion and that’s a blessing. We are like flowers that blooms with different colors and we are blessed. With that being said accept how God created you and love yourself no matter what people May think or say the world we live in is only temporary and think this thought if we all had to go to heaven in flesh and spirit I would not allow what made has created to change man outside looks because into the kingdom real and your beauty blooms inside and out there.

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