This chick here had 8 husbands at the same d@mn time


By The New York Post

A busty Bronx woman went on a decade-long bridal binge — and was married to as many as eight men at once, court papers revealed on Thursday.

Liana Barrientos turned walking down the aisle into an Olympic sport, getting hitched 10 times since 1999, including one stretch in 2002 when she said “I do” five times.

The 38-year-old blonde had collected six husbands before the first one filed for divorce in 2002. She added three more before the second one dumped her in 2003.
Prosecutors haven’t said why Barrientos is so marriage-mad.

“The motive was definitely not love,” one source said.

Her most recent nuptials came on March 4, 2010.

Barrientos is accused of falsifying official records. She allegedly claimed in documents for her 2010 wedding that she had never been married before.

And she told an investigator from the Bronx District Attorney’s Office that her exchange of vows with a man named Salle Keita “was her first and only marriage,” court papers charge.

Barrientos also allegedly submitted different variations of her name in marriage papers, omitting or abbreviating her middle name or changing spellings.

She was busted Oct. 1 on two felony counts of offering a false instrument for filing. She is due back in court Friday.

Barrientos’ apparent fondness for marriage runs counter to sentiments she expressed on Twitter.
A Bronx DA spokeswoman declined to say if other charges, such as bigamy, would be filed, or if any of her hubbies would be charged.

In addition to those men, Barrientos has two baby daddies. One of them, Carlos Garcia, kicked her out of his Bronx apartment a few weeks ago, the building’s super said.

“She was arrested . . . and he doesn’t want her back,” Ruben George told The Post. “They have a kid together. She has one with him and one with somebody else.”
Garcia, whose daughter with Barrientos is about 4 months old, didn’t answer a knock on his door.

Barrientos’ lawyer, Chris Wright, declined to comment.

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