There Is Now A Weed-Wine That Gets You Drunk And High


By The Earth Child

Most tokers prefer to smoke Cannabis above all else. Winos will always prefer their wine too. We love what we love and we can’t help ourselves. But! This particular product might just bring the two communities together and make people who like both, rejoice!

Winemakers in California are commercially producing marijuana-laced wines, known as Canna Vine. So now, you can get drunk and high at the same time!

But, hold your horses! This honour comes with a few conditions.

You can get your hands on a bottle of this elixir only via prescription. (Which everyone has nowadays anyway)
It’s extremely expensive, like $120-400 for half a bottle.
It’s only available in the state of California, US.
If you think you can check all of these in your list, you’re a lucky person.

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