The Awful Reality About Working From Home That None Of Us Work-From-Homers Want You To Know


Thanks to technology, working from home has become an attainable goal for many. And who wouldn’t want such a set-up? No more commuting. No more going into an office. No one looking over your shoulder as you putter around on Facebook. Plus, wearing pants is totally overrated!

This is what you probably think if you currently work in an office. If only you knew.

“Working from home is the best!” Said almost nobody who works from home, ever.

If you are someone who presently works from home, you know that the dubious honor is not all that cubicle workers dream it to be. They imagine we must be having the time of our lives. We gallivant through fields, picking lilies and singing with birds.

We know that this is anything but true.

If you work from home, you’ll sympathize with the following. If you do not work from home, take heed! These are the painful truths that no one ever thinks about. You might be better off remaining in the office, even if they do let you work from home.

You probably don’t wear pants most of the day (hooray!) You also probably haven’t bathed in three days… because whom are you trying to impress? Surely, not you. You already disgust yourself, so why pretend otherwise?

Working From Home

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Everyone asks you for favors and expects them because “working from home” means you never actually work. Even though you work ALL THE TIME.

Working From Home

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No. But, really. You work all the time. Because when your home is your office, you lose sense of time, boundaries and structure. So you just… work.

Working From Home

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You’ll work even when you’re sick, because it’s just weird not to work when your “office” is the laptop next to your bed.

Working From Home

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During the work week, you probably will leave the house only a few times, for a few minutes. Usually to grab food. Unless you’re really in a sloth state, in which case you just order delivery.

7 Responses to The Awful Reality About Working From Home That None Of Us Work-From-Homers Want You To Know

  1. Milltownusa says:

    WFH can really suck especially if you have a boss consistently pinging you via IM, email and on the phone asking dumb questions like for example: Uhm I sent you a text did you get it when its from email and the other way around by sending you an email to tell you that they sent you a text…ahhhhhhh and talking to your self because their is know one around like the in the cubicles at work….

    • Geraldine says:

      Fantastic question! And funny to think of the things we'll remember but our children won't… not quite. Like celebrities they were too young to know about, for in.cSntesP.a. – Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day! I'm your newest follower :)

    • Awesome photos, but I’m glad that $650,000 here would buy me a super mansion. Not that I could ever afford that or anything. Also, maybe it’s a sign that the largest living space includes the numbers 666.

    • http://www./ says:

      Vix, you look awesome as usual. Your blog just warms my heart. I would love to have that dress! It's delightful! What a find!Oh, and I have a couple of pics of the baby girl on my blog if you want to see her in all her perfectness! I'm afraid I am sort of a slacker now…;-). Well, a blog slacker, otherwise I'm pretty fricken' industrious!much love: Kimberellie

    • that same train of thought, Annette posted about decoding food labels and what exactly all those health claims mean. I actually had a post exactly like this in my “to-blog” list…but she covered it all so well,

    • http://www./ says:

      bersabar lh ats ap yg berlaku…yg pnting, jgalah nikmat2 yg masih ad pada dirimu..bsyukurlh dgn ap yg ade(chewah, cm lirik lagu lh plak…hehehe)..wlpn tnpa “mata”, mg dirimu trus kuat n istiqamah mneruskn pjuangan krn dirimu msih ade “HATI” yg mmpu mmimpinmu…baarakallahufik

    • Good to see what’s on your desk – I really daren’t show mine *grin*Haven’t dropped by for a while so it’s been great to see what you’ve been up to. Your craft room looks fantastic! Love the treatment you gave to your shelf.

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