Texas restaurant serves Toddler sangria instead of cranberry juice and she gets turned up


By Bro Bible

A two-year-old toddler from North Carolina was probably not planning on getting smashed when her parents took her to the Texas Roadhouse in Asheville for her dad’s 25th birthday.

But when Gabriela Gilliam was accidentally served sangria instead of the requested cranberry juice, she took a large swig and told her parents that it tasted funny.

She then started acting exactly like I do when I’m drunk.

Says the toddlers mother, “She was staggering and she was kissing everything.”

Great. Well that’s uplifting. I’ve always been told that I act like a two-year-old when I’m drunk, but to get confirmation is a real wake up call.

Gabriela was rushed to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed her with accidental alcohol ingestion.

The good news is that the toddler is said to be making a good recovery, and the bad news is that she has a quicker post-drinking bounce back time than I do. So there’s that.

As far as the culprits are concerned, a Texas Roadhouse spokesperson said that the family’s meal had been comped and indicated that an employee had accompanied the family to the hospital. Because no one knows more about medical diagnoses than a 16-year-old Texas Roadhouse hostess.

On the bright side, in about 10 years, Gabriela is going to be the coolest chick on the playground for getting hammered as a toddler.

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