Teens rob home, steals cremated remains thinking it was cocaine and ingest it


By KiroTV

A group of teens robbing a home thought they scored when the stole what they thought was a box of cocaine.

The trio stole jewelry, cash, electronics and prescription drugs from a Missouri home, along with the ‘cocaine.’

It wasn’t until one of the teenagers tasted the white powder that they realized the wooden box didn’t contain drugs, but the cremated remains of the homeowner’s father.

At the discovery, one of the boys, 17-year-old Devin Gesell, “stated that the bag of ashes/remains was discarded after they realized that it was not cocaine.”

Gesell and his two accomplices ages 15 and 16, threw the box and remains out of the getaway car’s window when they realized what had happened.

The teens are being tried as juveniles and Gesell has confessed to burglary, stating that he worked as a lookout while the other two stole $825 in cash and valuables the homeowner surmised cost more than $2000.

The details of the burglary that occurred in St. Peters on November 22nd were laid out in a probable cause statement that was part of a filing last week connecting multiple felony charges against the three teens.

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