Teenager Claims She Is Pregnant With Baby Jesus


By Daily Mail

A teenager has claimed she is pregnant and carrying baby Jesus – but even her own family and members of her church do not believe her.
The 19-year-old, named Haley, appeared on the Dr Phil show, and when questioned on her pregnancy, declared: ‘I am, and it is Jesus. No-one is going to deny him because he is my savior.’
However, Haley’s mom Kristi has said her daughter is delusional, describing her as a ‘compulsive liar’ who is not pregnant at all.
Her family said that Haley has previously claimed that the rapper Eminem is her father, that she was a contestant on American Idol, and that she donated a kidney to her sick brother – suggesting she was only conceived for ‘spare parts’.

‘The first time I heard her say that, she actually was saying it was Jesus Christ in her stomach. I looked at her like she had lost her mind,’ Kristi said.
‘She was just going off into a delusional tailspin.’

Although Haley does have a rounded stomach, the teen has undergone several pregnancy tests and a pelvic exam, which have all come back negative.
‘My family, my friends, my pastors at church, they don’t believe that I’m pregnant, but I know it’s Jesus,’ she said.
‘I know my pregnancy is real. I’ve gained at least 22 pounds.

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