Study says women who perform oral sex are happier and less depressed


By Positive Med

Men everywhere have a lot to smile about with the results of a study released by the State University of New York. This study shows that women who perform oral sex are happier and less likely to suffer from depression. The researchers used a survey to ask 293 college-age females on the SUNY-Albany campus questions about sex.

As part of the survey, respondents were asked to fill out the Beck Depression Inventory, which is a common diagnostic tool mental health professionals use to measure mood. The results of the survey were quite intriguing.

The results showed that women who regularly practice oral sex are less likely to be depressed. In addition, the results showed that women who engaged in regular sexual intercourse were less likely to be depressed than women who were abstinent.

Adding further to the evidence that semen is good for women’s mental health, the survey showed that women who had regular intercourse without condoms were less likely to be depressed than women who had regular sex with condoms.

The researchers used this evidence to suggest that it is the consumption of semen rather than the sexual act that gives women the mood-enhancing effects.. The researchers noted that semen has been shown to be a heady cocktail of mood-altering chemicals.

The list of mood-altering chemicals in semen starts with serotonin, which is the strongest antidepressant neurotransmitter found in the body. Semen also contains oxytocin, which is commonly known as the “love chemical.” Oxytocin creates feeling of well-being and helps create affection.

Another mood-altering chemical found in semen is melatonin, which relaxes people and helps them get better sleep. Semen also includes the chemicals estrone and cortisol, which are both known for their abilities to improve mood and reduce stress. Another benefit of semen is that it contains thyrotropin-releasing hormone, which is a natural antidepressant.

With all of the mood-improving chemical components found in semen, it is little wonder that the researchers discovered the results that women who engage in regular sex without condoms feel happier.

While this is promising research, it does not mean that the researchers are encouraging women to engage in unprotected sex. The risks of sexually transmitted diseases outweigh the antidepressant benefits of unprotected sex.

However, for women in long-term relationships, the results of the study suggest that they have a natural and enjoyable method available to help them improve their mood and fight depression.

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209 Responses to Study says women who perform oral sex are happier and less depressed

  1. Dorene McClendon says:

    This can’t be real. I think this is made up.

    • gummybear25 says:

      They did cause I love oral with my husband and I still deal with depression

      • paulb says:

        You must not be doing it right

        • Darryl Byrd says:


        • Alicia Danyell Price says:


        • lovellM says:


          • Jessica Williams says:

            Y’all think depression is a laughing matter that can be cured with giving a blow job? No wonder we are losing so many of our own to this shit. People would rather laugh at it, than admit it happens in the black community.

            • Eric says:

              Bitch stop howlin

            • SUSAN HUDSON says:


              • Golem says:

                Bitch your god is a lie!

                • Lacey says:

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                • AnonymousHi there! This article couldn’t be created any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous space mate! He constantly maintained discussing this. I will certainly onward this report to your man. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for distributing!

                • I had that conversation with my son when he was five and was having an argument with his Southern Baptist friend. They both decided that playing together was more fun than arguing.

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              • Archie Williams says:

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              • langston says:

                the Lord and never tell nobody to not suck a dick again

              • Milltownusa says:

                Just suck that did Susan and yee will be blessed forever with some good cum for yah

            • honey says:

              Dumb ass!! You sound dumb asf just wanna give people head

            • honey says:

              Dumb ass!! You sound dumb asf just wanna give people head

            • miche says:

              Preach my sister. I suffer from depression and the last thing on my mind is sex. Period.

            • christine says:

              Where does this say it just is about the “black community” ? Believe it or not, white folks get depressed to! Your comment is stupid. And this artical is funny.

            • Dee Dee says:

              I suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety and I’m WHITE… What a dumb ass thing to say… what does you being black have anything to do with this. Your just one of those white hating black people that has to grab attention by turning it into black and white thing. grow the fuck up and keep the story where it need to be, just go give a blowjob to the next guy you see, since your probably not even with anyone because your a racist bitch.

              • Kay says:

                You forgot to add anger management to your list of issues! Damn you mad or nah! She may have responded about black people and what happens in the community because the article is on a site called “Black Insured News”, there is a black couple in the picture, and there is truth to the fact that WE are not as forthcoming with our mental health issues! But you wouldn’t understand that…..because your NOT black. Stop being so sensitive about people commenting based on what they experience.

              • Sparkles says:

                I’m as black as fuck but I agree with u 110% Dee Dee ,Jessica to fly a zip and suck a dick

                • Mickey says:

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            • ML82 says:

              Where in this study were black people even mentioned for you to say it happens in the black community??

              • Welcome says:

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              • BillJanuary 9, 2010I think most people are afraid to take chances and that’s why they stay in the same place year after year. They’re rather blame everyone else than take responsibility for where they are at.

            • jon says:

              Sounds like you need to suck a few dicks.

            • Jeff says:

              Why so serious? I’m Batman!

            • Sa says:

              Sounds like SOMEONE could use a good oxytocin injection…

            • Anthony Jordan says:

              No. I do not think it’s a laughing matter. I do think it is an intriguing article. However, the main factor of black people removing depression from their lives, is to realize that the system of racism/white supremacy will continue to keep us in our places, so long as we remain blind to the reality. Once you recognize and except the truth, then a solution is inevitable.

            • glenn says:

              Shut up about the “black community” shit. It the same way in the “white community.” Not only blacks suffer from it alot of whites do to. It don’t matter the color of your skin. Why not just say that’s not how it t work for the depressed community. But no everything has to be black or white. Be proud to be black you should be I’m prowed to be white.but damn you don’t hear us say in the white community. Stop stop stop, the racial thing we all have depression we all have hardships so why bring color into it.

            • Milltownusa says:

              Hey jessica I No depression is real bad and my neighbor took here life due to her punk ass husband sending her a divorce via this so called social media crap and never even came home for the funeral and she was so depressed and paranoid, so I know what it feels like and I dont know about this study, but any kind of love and attention cant hurt during that period….take care

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            Crichton was using actual science for this stuff.Of course, there may have been some critical detail I missed that makes it all okay to burn someone to ash with a laser and send them through a wormhole. Anyone?

        • tonystarks357 says:

          Whett? …….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoLooooooool!!!!!!

          • Bella says:

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      • Ball Coach says:

        You may deal with depression but you can’t judge the findings of this research based on your particular situation. It may be true or it may be a hoax but surveys aren’t based on any one persons response.

    • Shakala says:

      I totally agree!

    • Shakala says:

      I totally agree!

      • Jillian says:

        I do know I am a depressed women and when I am giving head it is the best feeling in the world and deff brings my spirits up as well as sleep better at night. When I haven’t done in awhile I get depressed and lonely I actually believe this!

      • Sherry says:

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    • barby says:

      I dont know, may be some truth to it….
      Gonna have to give it a try. Been abstinent for 21yrs.

    • Noyaya says:

      THey must have surveyed WHITE WOMEN! cause guess what??? I ain’t sucking no man’s d!cK!

      • reality check says:

        you will eat pussy what’s the difference

      • Milltownusa says:

        Come on Noyaya just give it a try and I will be your first one and you want be able to stop and what does being white got to with slobbing on that knob? You know you want to. Just Do It!…LOL

      • Milltownusa says:

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    • Brad C. says:

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    • Teddy Flower says:

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    • Greg says:

      Drink up and get back to us.

      • Flora says:

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  2. alvin says:

    Do more of it in strange places unexpectedly….. Then you’ll notice a difference

  3. Shannon Barnes says:

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  4. Tee says:

    let me guess…the “researchers” who conducted the study are all men

  5. For Mr. Charlie timing is everything. After Mr.Charlie imprison all the black men with crazy time like 75 years and one day they release the viagra, decriminalized marijuana, approve marriage between a who and a whatever, give guns to everyone and now use a black man photo along with a black woman photo to announce to the black woman that oral sex is better than a apple a day to keep the demons of bad health away knowing that they are the only ones left she can turn to if she wants to experience the benefits of this new fountain of youth, health and happiness.

  6. Eva Woodard says:

    I agree to some of it but some I disagree

  7. P. Livingston says:

    I beleive this 100%

  8. Ronda G says:

    who wrote this shit?I haven’t laughed this hard ever….. my chest hurts from laughing so much

  9. Lj says:

    I’m waiting to have sex until I get married to my husband. There is so much disease out there and I respect my body, God will send me my husband.

    • anonymous says:

      Wait on God

    • Have dick, will travel says:

      Nothing wrong with waiting but just know you have to give him head twice a day. Yep it goes both ways. You will both be happy happy happy for it.

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  10. Lyndy W. says:

    I believe…..

  11. Angie says:

    I’m totally feeling this because I enjoy sucking dick and love it when my man cum inside of me. I’ve never been depressed but when I feel like my job is stressing me out a good suck when I get home is a reliever.

  12. Eric says:

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  13. nicki says:

    Soo thats y blacks are spreading hiv everywhere reading this shit !! Less depression without a condome !

    • Angry Black Male says:

      No, racist dumbasses like you purposely infect others in the hopes that they will spread it through unprotected sex. I wish you we’re on front of me so i could spit in your face.

      • Missy says:

        லீனா à¯Ãµà¯à®•à¯à®•à¯à®®à¯,வ® Â®Â¿Ã Â®Â©Ã Â®ÂµÃ Âக்கும் உள்ள பகையை தீர்த்துக்கொள்ள இந்த கட்டுரை வினவுக்கு உதவலாம். இதில் மார்க்சை கொசைப்படுத்தவேண்டிய அவசியம் என்ன வந்தது? இன்றளவும் தமிழகத்தில் மனித உரிமை மீறப்படும் இடங்களிலெல்லாம் தலையீடு செய்கின்ற மனித உரிமைப்போராளி அவர் . காலச்சுவடுக்கு எதிராக இயங்கிய மார்க்ஸ் ,காலச்சுவடுக்கு வேலை செய்யப்போனால் அதை விமர்சியுங்கள். அது தான் சரியானது. ரவிக்குமார் போன்றவர்கள் மார்க்சுக்கு முற்றிலும் எதிரான அரசியல் நிலைப்பாடு எடுத்தவர். நிறப்பிரிகை நின்று நீண்ட காலத்திற்கு பிறகே ரவி காலச்சுவடில் தஞ்சமடைந்தார்.

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    • Royal says:

      Stupid I think their referring to longterm couples

      • reality check says:

        but I bet you eat some pussy in a minute won’t you

      • Star says:

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    • Suck it Rite says:

      Girl bye

  14. anonymous says:

    Wait on God!

  15. anonymous says:

    Nikki you racist bish

  16. nique says:

    this can’t be completely accurate. 1 every having a condom doesn’t automatically mean sen is being released in the body. I think women who get head maybe slightly less depressed than those giving it. #mytwocents

  17. Do you kiss after performing oral on your mate or after she performed it on you? Spit-swapping or cum swapping

    • Expert dick sucker says:

      I love giving head to my man and he’s buried in my pussy until I can’t take it no more. When I’m finished with him all he can say is…Damn girl shit!!! You gotta suck dick. It’s the best thing for you and your man. That depressed stuff they talking is bull.

      • Barbie says:

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    • Letitia says:

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  18. Christina says:

    Nikki really? Only black people have HIV?? You sound stupid and your man probably is dating a black woman or male ( this day and age).. But the correct spelling is condom not condome.. Dummy.. Suck on a dictionary..

  19. diane hayes says:

    Nikki.. U sound really wetarted (not a typo. ..How long ago did Rick Hudson *white man ) hide the fact he had aids along Robert Reed,Liberace,these men where all white so with being said like everything else in this country rich white folk have it first…Now u go and have a good day…BYE FELICIA

  20. angry man who happens to be black says:

    For the with depression who think that other people should feel sorry for them,depression is a mindstate witch means if yu stop worrying about the shit that’s making you depressed you wouldn’t be depressed duh it’s so simple to get rid of try some meditation techniques. Nikki hope yu contact zombie virus for fucking a camel

    • tay says:

      Not all medications help for some people. thats like saying disorder disabilities are cure able. but its something, raised with, and accept it for what it is. plus ptsd on top of that how do you expect the individuals that may have ptsd and depression two seperate things all at once. Its not snap if finger to change it. its a day by day routine, take day by day.

  21. like sucking my man's dick. says:

    I get great joy and pleasure by sucking my man’s dick and when he calls my name I suck it more. Not depressed at all Happy.

  22. pursugga says:

    I love this article!! Hilarious i cant stop laughing! Why because its TRUE!
    I have sex almost everyday and i have between 30-60 orgasms and i love it! I cant even imagine only having one or. TWO orgasms! no depression,no drama, me & my boyfriend have an awesome relationship no fuss no fight we make live under the moonlight. Lol

  23. jayna says:

    I suck the soul outta my man

  24. forthefurtureofus says:

    The key is for young black couples to reproduce more black babies. You guys are agreeing over nothing. They are trying to let women know that sexully pleasure easies the tension in a relationship.Now after reading this article go get some.

  25. MissAnthropy says:

    It’s insulting how stupid men think we are. It’s normal to feel happier due to regular intercourse but that has more to do with the act pleasing someone and making someone else happy that’a what makes us feel happy. At the end everyone has one of two thoughts “I was/was I any good” or “He/She was good.”

    Basically this article and all this research is a man’s way of trying to convince to ingest semen.

    Nice try

  26. ornella says:

    Why ppl being racist on this!!! Nicki u need to go and seek some soul searching,i guess that you’re the one who’s spreading the(HIV) virus????????

  27. MimiLoves says:

    Okay y’all calm down! It’s just research and they only did it to a small group of females ao they can’t really speak for the rrst of the female population and yes semen has all those chemicals in it…although it’s small amounts we all know semen is mostly DNA with one goal in mind. A egg. All y’all nuns and stick in the muds calm your panties and your chastity belt. I personally LOVE LOVE oral sex with my partner and I love receiving it. And although I have those days when it’s nothing but clouds and sadness overall I’m Happy !
    Note: I suffer from post partum depression and long-term depression and since being with my partner my sad days have decreased dramatically

  28. great dick sucker says:

    I love this article and I believe that this study may be true. Me and my boyfriend has been at it for two years and each time is better than the last. I also find myself more happier when I give him oral and he returns the favor. We both are more happier and I have no worries about him cheating so ladies suck that dick you will see a difference

  29. coco says:

    u think its lover do oral on me.bur intimacy period is good for the soul not fucking. I feel less stress.

  30. Shelly says:

    The issue is the age of those surveyed. College aged women aren’t in touch with themselves enough to represent a true results for all women. Because they are just discovering sexuality and have a low level of depression. Try sampling 35 to 56 year old women and repost those results. Women are mist sexually confident when they are no more concerned about virginity or parental approval. And the pleasure of oral sex has everything to do with the man and how you feel about him. Not everyone will inspire you

  31. Wendell says:

    Those two things are made to pee out of I don’t drink pee so I guess I don’t put my mouth on it…

    • Elmira says:

      ma non c’è scritto come fare con i telefoni a cog!hinlia!c! se è chiuso come chiamo il 112?scherzi a parte, i numeri che ti fanno fare almeno in italia sono il 112, 113, 115., se non ricordo male, perché è da anni che non ho un telefonino con tastiera esposta.

    • so what are your views on adoption? Caplan’s research is pretty clear that the most parents can do is let kids be who they are. Its basically their own DNA being played out infront of them. That info would be scary for anyone thinking about adopting.

  32. SoloRenee says:

    Just because you perform fellatio on a man does not mean you swallow every time (if at all). I’ve had semen where the taste is just so awful, it would gag me every time so that shit got spit out !! I’ve had semen where there was no taste at all, so that I could take. But I didn’t swallow it every time. I had one freaky deaky who wanted me to share it with him through a kiss afterward … oh hell to the no I didnt !!! And we all know the only reason they did the study of college age women is because oral is what most of them do. They don’t want to let him inside the vagi gi cause they know he (probably) has multiple partners, but they will suck him off. So the results of the study don’t mean nothing to me. I do who I like, when I like, and whichever way I like. Give out a million dollars to a bunch of depressed homeless people and I GUARANTEE that will cure their depression. And don’t worry about replying and telling me to go suck a dick, cause I can also GUARANTEE I’m on it partner … and that ain’t no LOL

  33. HealingDepressionOneNutAtATime says:

    These comments are sooo funny lol but I conducted the same research at a Local Tennessee College that’s world renowned and Ladies that swallow were more fun, more carefree, more at the will of their own power. If you don’t believe me then comment on this message. I got a dick for u to suck…. lol

  34. Mojo says:

    There is a difference between having sex and enjoying sex. When you are in a healthy happy relationship you have no reason to be depressed. Sex will not cure depression if you are still hanging on to issues from childhood or trauma that is causing you to feel depressed. Yes you can turn depression on and off, not with a pill either. You can choose to be happy or choose to be sad. If there are barriers that keep you from reaching your full level of peace. KNOCK THEM DOWN!!!!! I refuse to let anyone or anything have that my control over my life that it has long term effects on my well being. Keep calm have a good orgasm and go tell that man to fix you some breakfast.

    • Disney says:

      something along the lines of &#0kl;9oo3, this is what we're doing and she's from Africa, so deal with it.' And they finally agreed that it made sense. (So I can't hate the concept too much, even though it's bad science.)

  35. Poop on your face says:

    Nice gotta show this to my girl!!!

  36. Aaron says:

    Ya’ll niggas need shut the fuck up and stop being so racist. Doesn’t matter what color you are. Get out and suck some dick! Why do you think gay dudes are so happy all the time!

  37. white grammal says:

    I’m from Canada, never heard of so much dumbass stereotyping/prejudism, semen is semen, black, white, blue, purple…sex is good releases good feelings, we are sexual beings, even seniors suck dick, you f…ing idiots! True or not, just doing it makes both feel better! And yes God made us sexual beings, not just to make babies. Find a lifetime partner who you love and go for it!

  38. enjoy me some oral sex says:

    I love sex. Intercourse & oral & believe me when I practice it on a daily basis I feel very stress free & relaxed. I have been married 22 yes & My man still turns me on & I love sucking his dick & having him cum on me or in me. And, he loves eating my pussy which he knows how to do very well. Still in love & one happy woman.

  39. tressa says:


  40. Oscar says:

    If have oral sex leads to you not being depressed, the person who conducted this study must be doing it everyday. I guess a blowjob a day would keep depression away. LOL.

  41. Troy says:

    Can anyone verify if women or men did this study? My wife says this study is done by only men, thus being invalid because this only strokes the male ego. Thank you in advance.

  42. Bella says:

    I think they mixed up the word “Perform” with “RECEIVE.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  43. dede says:

    I believe this is true u myself have used it on my face for pimples & it’s a Gd skin tightner. Try it

  44. brett says:

    This study has to be true! Ive always wondered why the mood in women who were very much open to oral was sooo different from the ones who wefe apprehensive or not a fan of it.what u ladies dont understand u can control a mans mood being receptive or even a huge fan of oral…TRUE STORY!

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  47. Chloe Fadden says:

    Some of these comments are funny. I don’t mind giving my guy oral. I think it’s a totally healthy part of a good relationship – as long as you’re both into it. I actually took the time to read and research the best ways to do things (I was too shy to ask my man, so I read Jack’s Blowjob Book for oral sex tips – you can find it online if you need it; other books for other things) and it really changed the way our sexual relationship worked. Whether or not I’m happier because I go down, I just don’t know. But I believe it might be true as there’s a lot more sharing and openness in our relationship stuff

  48. Suck it Rite says:

    I’m a guy and I give head and enjoy it. No depression here

  49. Bettie Davis says:

    Ahahahah dumb excuse for not being depress hee hee these comments got me rolling. Yall stop it.

  50. […] if you’re already happy from giving a blowjob, the oxytocin found in semen can give you an even happier boost. Oxytocin is the chemical responsible for making […]

  51. How much amazing!! very professional and creative post, thanks for sharing your technique with us. Please keep it continue for help us.

  52. Talia says:

    Why is this a one-sided study? Why is it frequently suggested that women receive health benefits from “giving” oral sex? What about the benefits are “receiving” oral sex? I’m sure those women who are recipients of receiving oral sex to orgasm and are pretty happy campers, too.

    • Gabby says:

      / Por eso me afilié a un partido (UPyD). Para no reprocharme a mí mismo nunca pasividad frente a los hechos, los pasados y los que nos esgaAen.rmarpa herencia nos dejarán si llegamos a ser decisivos en el gobierno de España. Soy muy pesimista con respecto al futuro. Pero no quiero amargarle a nadie la vida. Tiempo al tiempo.

    • lmao chuck norris is pathetic thats why bruce lee got a few games after him and documentaries same as ip? man chuck norris doesn’t stand a chance against tony jaa or donnie yen

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    • jaja lo que pasa es que tu has de ser de los usuarios conflictivos, nunca faltan en los foros y a esos se dedican a fastidiar a los que administran, siempre muestran lo que mas les conviene.y tuviste que recurrir a esto jaja como forma de desquite que pena me da tu caso!!!yo no soy fan de jackson pero es totalmente absurdo esto.

    • Astonished to determine there are even now several who consider otherwise. For that, within the majority of instances folks are coasting alongside hoping for the top but absolutely no considered at any time building a remain

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    • Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my questions are answered!

    • http://www./ says:

      I guess finding useful, reliable information on the internet isn’t hopeless after all.

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      That’s a shrewd answer to a tricky question

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  53. Talia says:

    Why is this a one-sided study? Why is it frequently suggested that women receive health benefits from “giving” oral sex? What about the benefits of “receiving” oral sex? I’m sure those women who are recipients of receiving oral sex to orgasm and are pretty happy campers, too.

  54. lindiwe says:

    wow i suck my man nicely bt he is scared. he never got oral sex before. now he enjoys it.

  55. flexdoc says:

    Thats because their men buy them jewelry and stuff.

  56. Very deprived says:

    In my previous relationships I used to engage in oral sex and my I used to be quite happy. Now this new man who is much older does not believe in oral sex. I feel like I’m sexy anymore, I don’t enjoy sex and I feel like I should quit having for awhile. It’s so boring, no foreplay, no kissing just fast penetration. What do I do? I love him.I wish I knew how to make this work. But I’m really unhappy and sexually frustrated.

  57. Will says:

    If any of you beautiful ladies need some stress relief I’m here.

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