Study says female breadwinners are more likely to get cheated on



Looks like having it all isn’t as easy after all.

A new study shockingly found that women who bring home the bacon may have a harder time keeping their men faithful. Gathered from a survey conducted by Working Mother Media, 2,750 married people indicated that men who who make less than their female spouses are likely to have an extramarital affair.

This new study, published in American Sociological Review, found that men who are 100 percent economically dependent on their spouses were most at risk for cheating, three times more at risk than women married to male breadwinners. On average, women who are completely financially dependent on their husbands face about a 5 percent chance that they will stray, there is about a 15 percent chance that a man married to a female breadwinner will cheat, the study concludes.
So you may be wondering why do men cheat on their breadwinning wives?

Experts suggest feeling financially inadequate is like an attack on a man’s masculinity, and having an affair is a way to re-establishing their manhood, even if subconsciously.

On the flip side, female breadwinners whose husbands rely on them 100 percent are the least likely group to cheat. This is attributed to the fact that these women understand the level to which they are breaking social norms and the sensitivity that comes with it as it relates to their male spouse. Instead, these women do what they can to validate their spouse’s masculinity, including doing more house chores even if they are working full-time. Essentially, female breadwinners do their best to keep a potentially strained relationship intact.

Women who are the cash queens within their relationship also do not have much time to cheat.
But just in case you were wondering, women who are financially dependent on their male partners are also more likely to cheat than women who are not, however, it pales in comparison to men who fail to bring in the dough.

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