Son of Dallas Ebola victim is praying for his father

ebola victim son

By The New York Daily News

The son of Texas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan thanked everyone for their prayers as his father fights for his life.

Karsiah Duncan, 19, became the closet person to the patient to make a public appearance when he spoke at a news conference Tuesday night at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas.

“I’m just praying my dad will make it out safely,” he said.

Thomas Eric Duncan, 42, grew up in Liberia but came to Dallas late last month to watch his son’s high school graduation.

The boy was only 3 when he last saw him, reported KHOU.

Karsiah Duncan’s mother fled to the U.S. with him in her arms to escape civil war, according to the Houston station.

But Karsiah felt that God was calling him to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to see his father again — in the isolation unit.

He arrived at the hospital with relatives from North Carolina and they caught glimpses of their disease-stricken loved one via a camera system.

“What we saw was very painful. It didn’t look good,” said Josephus Weeks, Duncan’s nephew. He added that had trouble falling asleep after seeing his face.

“I want to thank God for letting me come out here today and thank everybody who’s been praying. … I want to thank the hospital for helping my dad stay alive.”

Karsiah’s mother has not developed symptoms, but has been quarantined as a precaution.

“Mostly I want to thank my mom,” Karsiah said, “to exhibit all the strength she has. It has to be hard staying in the house for 21 days, not knowing what’s going to happen when she gets out.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Kent Brantly, an American who was cleared of Ebola, reportedly donated his blood to another Ebola patient, NBC freelance cameraman Ashoka Mukpo.

NBC News says that doctors hope the antibodies from Brantly’s blood might be able to help Mukpo’s immune system.


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