Smart Women Are a Turn Off For Men With Low Self Esteem


By Idea Pod

Ask a man if he’s attracted to intelligence and he’ll likely say yes. Ask him if he’d pursue someone more intelligent than him, and again, he’d probably say yes. Research backs this up.

But that’s only partially the truth, according to a study by psychologist Paul Eastwick and Ariana Young:

What the study found was that men were only attracted to intelligence to if the perceived intelligence of the woman was lower than their own.

The study concluded that intelligence actually is a strong romantic predictor for a male. However, it’s only when they feel “out-performed” that things get a little more tricky.

Why? Because men feel the need to defend their status as competent and competitive, and being outperformed is a threat.

If a man has low self-esteem, then they are less likely to be attracted to intelligent and successful women as it’s a danger to their feelings of inadequacy.

I’ve personally found this in my experience. What about you?

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