Sitting down all day is killing you


By Madamnoire

Are you sitting down now? Most of us spend the entire work day sitting down. In addition to this, we come home and sit on the couch for a few more hours  In fact, we spend half of our lives sitting down.. And it just isn’t good for your health. It’s bad for two reasons.

“Number one, sitting all day goes against human biology and evolution; number two, sitting all day is literally killing you,” reports Elite Daily.

Humans are unique in that we are the only animal species that has the same capacity to walk on two legs and use their hands as we do. Sitting down all day may actually be stunting our evolution since we are not making use of all our functions.

And it’s negatively affecting our health. Studies have shown that even if you exercise, sitting down all day increases your chances of dying early from disease or other health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

According to one study that followed 92,000 women for 12 years, those women had a 12 percent increased chance of dying from nearly any health condition if they sat for 11 hours or more each day. And, they had a 27 percent increase of dying from heart disease and a 21 percent increase of dying from cancer, reports Elite Daily.

And sitting around at home watching an average of six hours of television each day can cut five years off your life, according to another study.

So what to do? Stand more. Instead of sitting on the bus or subway on your way to work, stand up for the trip. At work, take breaks and walk around. You could even go as far as using a standing desk. And try watching TV standing up for a bit. Better yet, skip the TV viewing and hit the gym.

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