Shoppers horrified after finding internal organs at Home Depot


By CBS News

Organs were found at one local Western Massachusetts home improvement store.

A heart and a liver were discovered in the parking lot of the West Springfield Home Depot Friday night.  Frequent shoppers say they’re horrified by the news.

“If somebody had done something to a child and removed their organs, it’s a sick thing indeed,” says Christopher Miller, of West Springfield.

West Springfield Police believe these organs belonged to a pig, but because of the heart’s size – detectives say it could be those of a child.

“We’re thinking that it could be a pig because Fourth of July, lots of pig roasts,” explains Chief Ronald Campurciani, of the West Springfield Police Department. “If it’s not a pig’s heart, then it’s from a child and that’s going to be very, very disturbing.”

Detectives say the organs were lying out in the open.  There’s no word yet on who may have left them there.

“Even though it’s a little weird that it was in Home Depot, it’s not uncommon these things happen,” explains Chief Campurciani. “It’s happened in the past.”

Police have compiled surveillance footage and witness statements from the scene.  The investigation now lies in the hands of the medical examiner.

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