Self Proclaimed “Meninist” Wants Women To Hold Their Menstrual Cycles


By Warped Speed

Aunt Flo is one annoying house guest. She’s uncomfortable to be around, messy, and pretty expensive to host. Women are painfully aware (pun intended) of the side effects that come with menstruating, and no… we aren’t talking about the physical side. Ladies of the world spend upwards of $70 a year on essential sanitary products like tampons and pads. If you include pain management costs like hot pads, Midol, and the occasional chocolate bar, you’re looking at a $100 dollar bill, just for dealing with what mother nature gave us!

If you think that is ludicrous, sanitary products are taxed as luxury items, AKA “products not considered essential” like cigarettes, boats, furs, and jewelry. This summer, Canada made history when its Parliament voted unanimously to eliminate a national tax on menstrual products and the United States is currently fighting that same battle. Sounds like common sense, right?

Well, not everyone agrees. A self-proclaimed “meninist” sparked fury this week after going on an anti-tampon rant during which he suggest that women should just learn to “control their bladders”.

Last week, Ryan Williams probably wasn’t planning to make a complete fool of himself in front of the entire world… but thank god for the internet right? In a utterly naive tweet, Ryan wrote how women who want tax-free tampons should just “hold their bladders” and that if they “are going to bleed then they should wait until they get to the toilet.”

Not even kidding.

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