Second person tests positive for Ebola at Dallas hospital

Ebola Hospital

By Yolanda Spivey

The Associated Press has confirmed that a second healthcare worker has tested positive for the Ebola virus.  The healthcare worker, who’s employed at the Dallas hospital where Ebola patient Thomas Duncan was treated, also was responsible in taking care of the now deceased man who died on October 8.

The Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed the positive results but didn’t specify what position the health care worker held at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Allegedly, the healthcare worker reported a fever on Tuesday and was immediately placed in isolation.  “Preliminary test were run at the state public health lab in Austin and results came back at approximately midnight Wednesday.”

The center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta will conduct a separate test.

The unidentified healthcare worker quickly identified every person they’ve come into contact with—those people will be closely monitored.

The treatment of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan has come under harsh scrutiny.  When he first arrived at the Texas hospital to seek treatment, he was turned away.  The National Nurses United also stated that Duncan was left in an open area of an emergency room for hours.

Duncan allegedly had “explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting.” And yet, nurses were forced to “use medical tape to secure openings in their flimsy garments.”

Other violations reported by the National Nurses United confirmed that “Duncan’s lab samples were allowed to travel through the hospital’s pneumatic tubes, opening the possibility of contaminating the specimen delivery system.  The nurses also alleged that hazardous waste was allowed to pile up to the ceiling.”

Twenty six year old nurse Nina Pham was the first person who tested positive for the virus after treating Duncan.  She is now in stable condition after receiving a blood transfusion from one of the doctors who previously had Ebola and was given the drug ZMapp.


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