School Teacher Faces Disciplinary Action After Posting Racist Posts To Social Media


By Daily Mail

A Baltimore elementary school teacher has come under fire for using students as props in racist posts to social media.
Kelly Forostiak, 24, of Baltimore, Maryland, is facing disciplinary action after several Instagram posts degrading her fifth grade class.
The Deer Park Elementary School teacher posted three images to her now-deleted Instagram account, which have caused the controversy.
In one screenshot of the post, Forostiak shows a black student in a sombrero and fake mustache. The caption reads: ‘This is an African American Mexican #HappyHalloween.’

A second post shows a female student with a caption reading: ‘When all the kids and staff are questioning your lipstick as you flash the “B****, I’m cute AF’ face”.’
An image posted to the account of Forostiak with her entire class was captioned: ‘Field day with my little a***holes that I somehow still love #5thGradeSwag.’
One person commented on the image, saying: ‘I do’t think as a teacher you are supposed to call your students little a***holes on social media.”
Forostiak responded by saying: ‘It is okay they are 11 going on 18 hahaha.’

On Tuesday, Mychael Dickerson, a Baltimore County Schools spokesman said Forostiak regretted making the posts, according to the Baltimore Sun.
Dickerson said Forostiak had given him permission to speak about the matter.
He said she will accept whatever disciplinary action she faces.
However, Dickerson was unable to comment on what kind of retribution she faces. He confirmed she is still employed at the school.
Emory Young, president of the Baltimore County Parent Teacher Association Council, told the Sun: ‘It’s an extremely poor choice of words. She should have used something more positive and uplifting.’
There is no date shown on the screenshots of the now deleted images and account.

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