RECALL: Defective airbags making drivers look like homicide victims in accidents

Defective Airbags

By Yolanda Spivey

Over the past two years, there has been a recall of at least 4.7 million vehicles in the United States.  These vehicles, from various automobile makers, are all tied to airbags made by a company called Takata Corp.

Right now, Toyota is advising U.S. automobile owners to keep passengers out of the front seats of their vehicles until the defective airbags are replaced.

Currently, the airbag maker Takata, is under investigation.  Allegedly, exploding “shrapnel from its flawed parts are to blame for at least four deaths involving vehicles made by Honda.”

An accident in Florida was originally investigated as a homicide because of deep gashes to the victim’s neck.  After a further investigation, Florida Highway Patrol stated that the injuries sustained to the driver were actually from a defective airbag.

Most recently, California Highway Patrol is investigating two similar incidents involving Honda vehicles.  They are looking into whether or not a faulty air bag was to blame for the death of a man who crashed his Acura sedan in a California parking lot.

Airbags are suppose to save lives, not kill.


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