Racism Insurance- Should there be such a policy?


By Yolanda Spivey

In a promo video promoting the new film Dear White People, the subject of racism insurance arises.

The video shows a white man being racially insensitive towards black people without realizing it.  When they call him on his bull, and he cannot explain himself or what he really meant, he calls out his insurance agent—just like the popular State Farm commercials.

The suave looking black man that magically appears explains to the baffled and offended black people, what the white guy actually “meant to say.”  The only time he does not save the white gentleman is when the white man says the N- Word.

The video is quite funny and you can take a look for yourself if you scroll down towards the bottom of this article.

Racism insurance does not exist, but I know plenty of people who wish that it did.

I for one wished it did every time someone states how “articulate” President Barack Obama sounds when he gives speeches.  It’s actually a diss and people don’t even realize that it is.

Another one is how “intelligent” some black people are.  I remember one young gentleman at my former place of employment kept stating how “intelligent” Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell were when they served under George Bush’s presidency.

Unfortunately, when regular black people go about their daily lives, they are always compared to these powerful people, and if they fall short in any way, they are looked upon as sub-par people and irrelevant—they don’t serve a purpose at this point to some white people—only to complete their order at a local fast food drive-in.

When they do measure up, then they are deemed acceptable.  YAY!!!! They still didn’t make it all the way into the club of inclusion but they certainly do get a chance to further prove themselves in the eyes of some people who view them as throwaways.

The question is, should there be racism insurance?  What are your thoughts?

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