Poignant Photo of Nuns Passing By Sleeping Street Children Goes Viral


By Definitely Filipino Buzz

A photo showing the street kids sleeping on the ground while the nuns were passing went viral on the social media.

A photo has crossed the online platform and sparked reactions from the netizens. The said photo was posted by Facebook user Jonple Baltar in his social media account.

According to the caption of the post, the set of photos were taken during the penitential walk from Malate Church to Manila Cathedral on Good Friday. One of the four photos hooked the attention of the online community as many Facebook users commented to it.

heartbreaking photo

Photo lifted from the Facebook account of Jonple Baltar

One netizen stated in his comment that the nuns could have went nearer to the kids and give them some food or ask them to go to the church. He claimed that they don’t want to spend for the kids.

According to a Facebook user, the kids were like the wrestler John Cena. “They can’t see them,” he stated.

One netizen slammed the nuns as he claimed that they are full of pretensions.

Meanwhile, on the other side, there were at least three netizens who expressed in their comments that the photo is edited. Lots of netizens tagged it as “fake”.

According to one netizen, people should not come up with conclusions based only on one photo.

One netizen raised  a question in his comment regarding the number of welfare institutions, orphanage, and home for the street children run by nuns. He reacted on the way the netizens judged the photo.

“Kung ikaw naglalakad sa kalsada agad b [ba] may dala ka na pagkain, kumot at damit para ibigay sa mga bata?” the netizen added.

He raised another question in his post as he asked if the people who commented on the photo have done something to help the kids. He stressed the possibility that the netizens are just good in commenting but unaware that the nuns have offered their lives serving their fellowmen.

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