Plastic Surgeon offers new butt plumping procedure- Before and After pics inside


By The Daily Mail UK

A beauty salon in Miami is offering a bizarre new treatment dubbed ‘vacuum therapy’ which claims to enlarge women’s buttocks.

Sculpting Goddess‘ $60 procedure involves two ‘suction cups’ being attached to each buttock for 45 minutes, and claims to ‘raise, enlargen and re-affirm the gluteus [sic].’

Posting before-and-after photos to its Instagram account, the salon states: ‘The proof is in the pudding. You know you want to try it out.’

Sculpting Goddess owner’s Tini tells Daily Mail Online that the number of sessions required to gain the best results varies by individual, but is generally between four and six.

The non-invasive procedure, she says, leads to a permanently more pronounced posterior, because it ‘mobilizes the fat.’

Tini has had the vacuum therapy performed on herself, and reports that one year on, the results have stuck around.


The treatment, according to Tini, will ‘soften skin’ for customers who have had ‘butt shots’ and ‘decrease muscle tension.’

It also promises to ‘break down cellulite and fatty deposits’, thus ‘eliminating toxins’.

Comments on the salon’s Instagram uploads of its vacuum therapy include: ‘I need this’ and, ‘We need to go to Miami!!’

Since word of Tini’s unusual treatment has spread, she’s seen a surge in demand; particularly for customers in New York, whereas before her customers mainly hailed from South Florida, Alabama and Georgia.

Kim Kardashian, prepare for an army of plump-bottomed competition.


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  1. Aimee says:

    I’m interested in the buttocks suction session please email me back !!!

  2. Denese Davidson says:

    I am very interested in having this done, I will be in Miami in May for my birthday

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