Parents of missing college student says he was addicted to penis enlargement pills


By The Grio

Timothy Hamlett used to be a well-liked track star at an Ivy League college before he went missing in December.

His parents say he was fine until last year, when he became addicted to energy supplements and penis enlargement pills.

“Our son did not experience any issues until he started taking these supplements,” said Katherine Hamlett. “If you look at the history he goes all the way through school, no issues whatsoever, and then he starts taking these supplements and everything in his life, literally everything in his life, changes.”

Timothy turned to the pills after an indoor track meet in which he said another runner spiked him, leaving him with a six-inch gash in his leg. After that, he began to order supplements.

He seemed to be fine at first, maintaining a healthy diet and healthy social life, but then, his parents said, he began to be “isolated” and seemed to be suffering from “a supplement-induced psychosis.”

His parents pulled him from school partway through his junior year and brought him home, where he was arrested for throwing bricks at houses.

Then, on December 26, Timothy told his parents he would be visiting a nearby friend. Instead, he was headed to visit someone in Brooklyn.

Police have traced him to Washington Heights near the George Washington Bridge, but no one has seen him since then.

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