Over 30 people arrested for food stamp and welfare fraud


By Vibe

People of color have long been taunted and stereotyped for being on welfare and food stamps by the media and the GOP. But recently, whites (who receive more food stamps and welfare than blacks at a 40 to 26 ratio, according to the USDA) have been under controversy in regards to the governmental supplements.

A group of 32 white Americans have been arrested in Brushton, New York over the span of two months for various cases of food stamp fraud. Local news station WPTZ reports that the arrests stem from a yearlong investigation into Old Time Butcher Block Store, which is owned by 45-year-old Dennis Suave who was also arrested on Jan.16 for the alleged food stamp fraud.

The scam included the misuse of food stamps, which were used to buy alcohol, cash in money and purchase other items that cannot be bought with a food stamp card – known as the Electronic Benefits Transfer Card (EBT). Police charged them all with petit larceny, misuse of food stamps and second degree criminal use of a public benefit card.

Police say this is the second time Suave, has been arrested for food stamp charges. More pending arrests still await.


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  1. Barack Obama says:


    What you fail to mention is that there are six times as many whites as blacks. Do the actual numbers and you will see that blacks are six time as more likely to be on welfare. You also lied in your statistics. 39% of people on welfare are black. 38% are white. That is from the Dept. of Commerce.

    We can’t solve real problems if we don’t admit the real truth.

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