Obama Still Fighting For the Long Term Unemployed


President Barack Obama continues to keep up the drumbeat for an unemployment extension and a minimum wage hike, but neither issue appears any closer to a reality in Congress.

The president is taking his case to the airwaves and social media, using his advocacy arm, Organizing for Action, to try and pressure the GOP.

On Saturday, Obama used his weekly address to push his $10.10 an hour minimum wage proposal, ahead of votes in the Senate when Congress returns next week.

“Republicans have voted more than 50 times to undermine or repeal health care for millions of Americans. They should vote at least once to raise the minimum wage for millions of working families,” Obama said. “If a Republican in Congress represents you, tell him or her it’s time to give the politics a rest for a while and do something to help working Americans. It’s time for ‘ten-ten.’ It’s time to give America a raise.”

And on Friday, the @BarackObama Twitter account tweeted another call for Congress to pass an unemployment extension.

The prospects for both proposals remain bleak.


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