NYU refuse to finish facial surgery because woman’s insurance co. stopped paying for the procedure

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A New Jersey woman with a disfiguring facial condition claims doctors at NYU Medical Center are refusing to complete her treatment because her insurance company allegedly backed out of paying for the expensive surgery, according to a lawsuit.

Rujiao Ouyang, 55, of Somerset suffers from frontal ameloblastoma, a condition in which tumors grow on the face and jaw, “resulting [in] lesions that can cause severe abnormalities,” including obstructed airways, according to court papers.

The mother of two moved to New York, where NYU physicians pioneered a two-step procedure that includes taking bone from a patient’s leg and placing it in the jaw.

But after the first operation, doctors said her insurance company reneged on the coverage and the docs “are now refusing to complete the second part of the two-part surgery,” Ouyang charges in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

Just four days after her January surgery, she alleges, NYU claimed Ouyang’s insurance was refusing to pay — and its attitude toward her changed.

The same day, Ouyang claims, she nearly died during a complication that led to “extreme difficulty breathing,” and hospital staff “seemed indifferent to [her] medical needs.”


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