NYPD Detective Banned From Her Home After Setting Her Setting Her Husband’s Clothes On Fire

NYPD detective

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An NYPD detective is facing arson charges after she allegedly set her husband’s clothes aflame

after she suspected he was having an affair

Detective Marissa Sorocco, who works in NYPD Deputy Commissioner Dermot Shea’s office at police headquarters in Manhattan, was arrested on Tuesday on Long Island and charged with arson in the fifth degree and criminal mischief, reported the New York Post.

Sorocco’s husband, Paul, is also a police officer in Nassau County.

Although Nassau police believe Sorocco’s motive behind the fiery incident was her belief that Paul was cheating, investigators have not confirmed whether or not he was actually stepping out on his wife.

“They (detectives) believe she set the fire as revenge for her husband’s suspected infidelity,” a source told the New York Post.

After Sorocco was arrested and charged, she was also suspended by the NYPD, sources told the Post.

When Sorocco was arraigned in court, a judge banned the 37-year-old from going back to her and Paul’s Plainview home. The judge did, however, give Sorocco permission to gather a few belongings while being escorted by a police officer, reported the NY Daily News. Read More

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