New York City’s Subway Fare is Going Up Again in 2017


By Time Out

Bad news is on the horizon for MetroCard users. The New York Daily News reported that the MTA issued a new financial plan, which includes a potential (but definite) fare hike in 2017.

What you’re feeling right now is not déjà vu—there was a substantial fare increase last year. Also, last year, we warned you that by 2017, the MTA is expecting to hike up the fare price by another 4 percent.

Judging by the aforementioned fare increase, the Daily News article confirms, “MTA officials are suggesting that the base $2.75 fare will go up a quarter to a solid $3, according to Jamison Dague of the nonprofit Budget Commission.” And it’s highly likely that unlimited ride users will be affected as well.

Let’s just hope that $300 million dollars is enough to provide reliable bus and subway service to the lot of us.

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