Mother abandon her kids because their father didn’t want to take care of them


By Black Insurance News

Jasmine Jones, 22, from Houston, Texas, is facing a backlash after it was reported that she had abandoned her two children, both boys, because her baby’s daddy requested her to do so.

Jones dropped the boys – aged 9 months and 3 years – at a fire station in the city.

The station’s firefighters said that they had overheard Jones having an argument with a man at the fire station. She then dropped the boys of and told the firefighters that she couldn’t keep them because John Lee Smith, the father of one of the boys, didn’t want to take care of the children anymore.

Under the Texas “Baby Moses” law, parents who find themselves in dire straits or simply can’t take care of their children are allowed to surrender them at a fire station, a medical station or a hospital with impunity of the children. But the law also specifies it only applies to children who are 2 months old or younger.

Obviously, both of Jones’ children were too old to be covered by this law.

Once the boys’ story made headlines across the country, Jones came back to claim her children and stated she had only dropped them off at the fire station just because they had suffered from asthma attacks and not give them up for good.

“That’s all we were trying to do, help our kids out. These allegations were made up,” Jones told reporters.

“We were just trying to get them help with their asthma. They’re kids, they’re babies and they had an asthma attack,” she added.

The children have been taken into the custody of the state. Both Jones and Smith did not attend a court hearing on the case that was held on September 8th. Both of them are under investigation by case workers for drug abuse and domestic violence.


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