Mom Uses A Sperm Donor To Get Pregnant – She Was Shocked When She Found Out Who He Was


By Elliot Asbed

Aminah Hart has had a tough life. She has a rare genetic disorder that caused the death of two of her sons.


Aminah’s Heartache

Aminah Hart has suffered a lot of loss in her life. Her first son, Marlon, died at 4 months due to a rare genetic disorder. Her first marriage didn’t survive the loss of the child, and she divorced her husband.



Aminah had a child named Louis with her next partner, but he too lost his life at 14 months. Doctors found that Louis and Marlon shared the same genetic condition.

A Tough DecisionYouTube

A Tough Decision

She found out that she had a 25% chance to pass the disease on to any of her kids. After her second relationship fell apart, she was unsure if she should have another child. She made the brave decision to seek out a sperm donor, and she gave birth to her daughter Leila. Luckily, she was perfectly healthy!

The DonorYouTube

The Donor

She got curious about who her donor was, and decided to meet him. His name is Scott, and they had an instant connection. Aminah began visiting with Leila, and they ended up dating! The two are now engaged. It’s a story that would think was too corny to be true if you saw it in a movie!

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