McDonald’s prove their McRib sandwich is all MEAT


By Michael Whitney

When high school teacher Wes Bellamy took to his Twitter account to voice his disgust on a picture he came across of a frozen McDonald’s McRib sandwich, the unthinkable happened next.  He was invited to a McDonald’s processing plant personally by the fast food chain to put an end to his disgust.

Bellamy went to Lopez Foods in Oklahoma City, a McDonald’s pork processing plant where Lopez executive, Kevin Nanke showed the skeptical teacher what was really in a McDonald’s McRib sandwich.  And he did it on camera for the whole world to see.

Accompanied by former “Myth Busters” host Grant Imahara, the duo saw firsthand how the McRib sandwich was really made.  It is the second installment in the fast-food chain’s attempt to address rumors and myths about its foods.  Previously, Imahara went behind the scenes to investigate McDonald’s burgers.

After viewing how the controversial meat was made from start to finish, Bellamy became a fan of the McRib once again.

Bellamy learned that McRib’s were made from a bone free pork loin, and then water, salt, dextrose and preservatives were added to lock in the flavors.  He is now a fan of the McRib sandwich once again.

McDonald’s have been using social media for quite some time to quiet its skeptics and customers on questions that their food is not natural, and is made with ingredients that can harm your body.

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