Mariah Carey: Breaks Engagement To James Packer, Walks Away With Over $5 Million


The Blast reported yesterday that singer Mariah Carey, 47, and Australian billionaire James Packer, 50, reached a settlement a few months ago since they split in October 2016.

After over a year of back and forth, sources say the songstress walked away with $5-10 million from her ex, a figure that was exponentially less than her original request of $50 million. That figure may cause some mini heart flutters, but Carey expressed that she was severely inconvenienced by uprooting her life from New York to move to Los Angeles to be with Packer (a man who is worth $3.8 billion). Carey also alleged Packer did something to her assistant which caused her to cancel part of her South American tour so this figure, in her mind, was justifiable.

In addition to the $5-$10 million settlement, Carey also got to keep the 35-carat diamond engagement ring Packer gave her in January 2015, initially reported to be worth $10 million.  You may have seen the ring in, I don’t know, every picture of her since the split, but The Blast’s sources also say that $10 million figure was inflated.

In a 2015 interview on The Steve Harvey Show, Carey talked about how she and Packer met in Aspen, Colorado at the premiere of Hercules.  She gushed on and on about how well they hit it off.  Steve Harvey retorted that Packer was one lucky man. Carey returned with the compliment, saying, “I’m lucky, too. He really is great.”

And here we are two years later with Packer initially stating he wouldn’t consider giving Carey any money, but he quickly found the “All I Want For Christmas Is You” singer just wanted her payout before Christmas this year.

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