Man who denounced being gay committed insurance fraud


By Yolanda Spivey

The world watched in amusement as a young man exclaimed in front of a church that he was no longer gay. Well it turns out that the young man’s name is Andrew Chad Caldwell, a St. Louis, Missouri native. 

According to Walter Lee Hampton II, this young man is nothing but a fraud.  Not only was he proclaiming in front of a church that he wasn’t gay anymore and he loved “women’s,” he had actually committed insurance fraud.  He was apparently booked on May 18, 2014.  Click here to see a copy of his mug shot.

Hampton posted the following on his Facebook page:

Well, Well, Well…..the truth about this young man is coming out!…He is just a scam artist attempting to make money from selling his Christian themed BOOK!…”I AM CELEBRATING THE LIFE OF A WONDERFUL CHRISTIAN”…..The whole purpose in him getting “Delivered from Homosexuality” at that Cogic convention ..was to draw attention to him to SALE BOOKS for PROFIT!!!!…..$$$$$$$$$$…Talk about A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!!!.

After doing some research on this young man, it appears that he is an author of a book called Eating Good and Healthy.  He claimed to have authored 11 other titles.  On his Google + Page  he also claims to be a New York Times bestselling author, although there is no further proof of this.

Here is a brief bio on him from Barnes & Nobel:

Andrew Chad Caldwell was born July 28, 1993, in St. Louis, Missouri. Andrew was born 1 of seven children, including; Mark Jones, Darrel Caldwell, Jennifer Williams, LaTrisa Jones, Angela Jones and Christine Caldwell. Andrew is described as an imaginative inventor, innovative, constructive and intelligent. Andrew has written and published 11 books titled; “I Am Celebrating the Life Of A Wonderful Christian”,”My Album” and “My Future Is My Presence”. He’s also the CEO of a Gospel Showcase, “Celebrating the Life of Independent Gospel”. In the Fall of 2014, Andrew will celebrate the release of his “first” clothing line, Andrew No.1 Caldwell. Future plans include more books, owning an educational institute, TV sitcoms, fundraisers, charities and offer more employment opportunities through his business corporation. Andrew also has a heart and compassion for the citizens of Africa. His plans are to help fund and advance the 53 nations of Africa in civilization.

Well, whatever Mr. Caldwell appears to be, he certainly had the world either agreeing or disagreeing with him, laughing at him or just shaking their heads.

Here is a clip of his claim to fame remixed with some catchy music:

15 Responses to Man who denounced being gay committed insurance fraud

  1. Dr Katrina Sanders says:

    Yes..this young man has caused problems by using the action to gain fame! He told Church Folk Revolution that he always wanted to be a STAR and they gave it to him…It’s a crying shame to perform and make a fool out of the Church of God in Christ

  2. Cambie says:

    The black church is so obsessed with homosexuality that it allowed this circus to take place. The church should attack dead beat/absent fathers with this kind of gusto . What a mess. The church is a joke. By pass the middle man and seek Jesus on your own.

  3. florence Johnson says:

    No…There should have been some spiritually discerning folk in the midst to discern, the true spirit in this man. The church is deceived because we have everything going on but God and his discerning Holy Spirit, and we have become deceived and hoodwinked, this is not the first time, look at how church folk were deceived by the guy with the money investment scheme awhile back…REALLY SMH!!!!!!!

  4. Emily Manny says:

    Fault him or not, this young man is gifted with a brilliant mind to beat the system. He is an underworld entrepreneur involved in what some of these clean-cut so-called upstanding white dudes have done to get rich. They play the system to their advantage. Regardless of the quality, just imagine this is a 20 year old chap writing books to get famous. He reminds me of this white fellow called Kevin Trudeau who is all over the places on television selling books that amount to crap. I actually bought the one. So, this young man is trying his hand at gaming a system that sometimes reward infelicities from those who own power.

    • As it turns out, he never wrote not one book! He actually used someone else’s body of works and claimed they were his!! So sorry, NO he isn’t smart at all nor is it street or business savvy…He is basically a liar, plain and simple……He has mental problems, that’s it!!

  5. GSW says:

    Good day. I am deeply saddened by all that has transpired relative to this past weekend’s event in STL. The sadness comes from the MASSIVE coverage of “THIS” episode, but VERY little if ANY coverage of the GOOD this church did before & during “THIS” Convocation.

    I’ve heard VERY little mention of the over 6,000 Youth in attendance @ World Youth Day on Saturday Morning, along with another 4,000 in attendance simultaneously celebrating our Children (Sunshine Band & Purity divisions of the Women’s Dept.) I’ve heard NOTHING of the Wednesday evening visit to a local college that had Bible Study & prayer with students struggling with college & family life. The Saturday prior to the Holy Convocation over 15,000 Gospel tracts were distributed, there was a Prayer Walk around the parameter of the Edward Jones Dome where 3 persons committed their lives to Christ, Ministry to the homeless was given, two were fed naturally and pointed to areas in the city for further assistance. Christmas in November was held @ one of the local churches where MANY received clothing and toys for their family & children. There was a Health & Job’s Fair helping people prepare and find employment. The Men’s Day focused on taking our responsibility in the Home, community, workplace & church more seriously. NOT being deadbeat fathers. Men’s health was addressed strongly, and the importance of financial investments. Through our Urban Initiatives the issues of Crime, Juvenile Crime Prevention & Reduction, along with transitioning after prison release was addressed STRONGLY. Training was given to persons from every jurisdiction (over 200) in the COGIC. Literacy initiatives, including writing skills, resume’ preparation and how to dress & conduct yourself for a job interview was given. There was SO MUCH MORE, and there isn’t enough space here to post it.

    All that I ask is, if there is going to be anything reported, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE OUT the POSITIVE. We’re NOT a bunch of kooks! We are a balanced people. Yes, with over 6 Million members, it’s a STRONG possibility “something(s)” will go awry!

    God bless you, and this entire note was written with GREAT RESPECT.

    Thank you.
    COGIC Memeber

    I failed to mention that we are STILL on the ground in Ferguson/STL.
    Not just praying, but doing all that we can to prevent a violent outbreak, help people gain employment, and bring social justice!

  6. GSW says:

    Also, we addressed the Ebola issue, and through our Missions endeavor we are getting FRESH, CLEAN WATER and MEDICAL supplies to West Africa in particular. We are doing a LOT more, but our reward is in heaven!

  7. O. Macaco Aquatico says:

    He’s still gay, too.

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