Man wants to combat racism by sleeping with 1,000 Black women


By Dude Comedy

Steve Amos isn’t a well-known pickup artist, but says he is one of the best claiming to have had sex with 2400 women in his lifetime, all white, except two Asians, but zero African-American women.

“I feel bad I haven’t had sex with a single Afro-American,” Amos said. “What does that say about me? That I’m racist? I think so. Even though I’m not.”

Amos wants to overcome the racist perceptions he feels are being cast upon him, but most importantly he wants to bring as much attention as he can to the black lives movement he has been so drawn to this past year.

“Black lives matter and to show that I’m going to have sex with 1000 black women in 1000 days,” Amos said. “I’m going to document every sexual encounter with words, photos and video, and put them onlinefor free (our site will be fully ad supported) so people can follow me as I bring world attention to the importance of black lives. Imagine millions of people following me daily. They will constantly have to think about the importance of black lives watching me have sex with Afro-American women.”

He says he’ll need to rework his pickup playbook as black women “are a different breed” before he starts.

“I’m going to hang out in black communities, ghettos as they call them, starting this Friday. I’m going to befriend some black men whose brains I can pick about how to pick up their women. I just want to get to know this beautiful race of people and figure out how Afro-American women tick to I can have sex with them.”

He is partnering with adult site where people will be able to access his content. He plans to start his quest September 11th, unless his field research takes longer, which he doesn’t expect will be the case.

“The inequality and police violence Afro-Americans have to endure in AmeriKKKa (please print that with three Ks) is a national tragedy,” Amos add. “I’m going to do my part to help the helpless.”

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