Man steals his drugged born baby from hospital so child protective services wouldn’t take her


By The Daily Mail

An Arizona father was caught on camera putting his two-day old baby girl inside of a plastic bag before smuggling her out of a hospital to avoid welfare workers.

Jason Matthew Bristol, 33, of Youngtown, Arizona made the plan after he realized his daughter, who was born with drugs in her system, was going to be taken into custody by the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

After placing the girl in a bag, he is seen on surveillance video sneaking her out of Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in January before making it home without being caught.

Glendale Police Department received a call from the hospital on February 21,at 12.41pm reporting a possible missing newborn, according to a statement released to Daily Mail Online following the incident.

On February 26, both Bristol and the child’s mother, Diana McKinney, 30, were arrested and could face child abuse and drug possession charges, according to AZ Daily Sun.

The child was taken into the custody of the Arizona Department of Child Safety following the arrest, and police said that the baby girl is safe.

Their daughter was born at home in Youngtown on before she was taken to the hospital on January 21, where she was found with meth, morphine and marijuana in her system, according to court documents.

The baby girl, who has not been identified, was born a couple of days prior and was removed from the hospital by her parents when they were told by a social worker that child protective services was going to take the child, Daily Mail Online learned.

In the footage, that is without audio, Bristol is seen carrying the bag, the size of diaper bag, containing his daughter who was covered in blankets before attempting to flee through a fire exit.

He pushes the door, which does not open, as he simultaneously causes the hospital to enter lockdown after the device on the child’s arm prompts alarms to go off.

Next a hospital staff member is seen walking down the hallway and swipes a key card, which turns off the alarm, before having a conversation with Bristol, according to KFOR.

She tells him to leave through the main exit and not the fire exit.

He walks back down the hallway before returning to the first door he tried to exit through, and realizes it is unlocked, making his way down stairs to the lobby and fleeing home.

The staff were not aware that he was carrying a baby inside of the bag.

The door budged open Bristol’s second push because it automatically unlocks 15 seconds after the first attempt to open it – and he had tried it more than 15 seconds later, a hospital spokesperson told KFOR.

At the time of the incident, the parents had not yet been served by the department of child safety, so they did not commit a crime by removing the child from the hospital.

In the statement released to Daily Mail Online from February, it said Glendale police detectives continued to look into the incident after it occurred and were able to obtain surveillance video from the hospital.

In reviewing that video, detectives observed the father removing the child from the hospital in a bag, and based on evidence obtained.

The video and the manner of removal and type of item used to remove the child, detectives were able to arrest the father and charge him with child abuse.

When Bristol was arrested, he was also found carrying meth.

The case remains under investigation by the Arizona Department of Child Safety.
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