Man raped at gunpoint by 3 women for his sperm


By The Grio

A man in South Africa was kidnapped and raped at gunpoint by three women who then collected his semen in coolers.

The 33-year-old victim was helping these women get directions when one of them got out of the car and held him at gunpoint while he was distracted giving the directions.

The women then bundled him into their BMW and drove 500km away. There, they stopped and began to attempt to arouse him, forcing him to drink an “unknown substance” after he did not respond to their fondling.

Constable Mncedi Mbombo said, “They then forced him to drink an unknown substance from a bottle. This got him aroused quickly even though he was still scared and didn’t want to have sex.”

The women then raped the man multiple times and collected his semen, storing it in coolers, before they then abandoned him and drove off, leaving him 500km away from his original location and now scared and traumatized.

This incident is part of a growing trend of women who are raping men. They may be taking the semen to sangomas, or traditional healers.

Unfortunately, rape is not uncommon in South Africa, with 25% of men admitting to rape, and half of those to multiple rapes. But it is difficult for male victims of rape to be heard or even taken seriously.

Martin Pelders, who runs a support group for male victims of rape, said that he heard about this case and heard that the victim was being mocked by police and thought, “Oh my God, not again.”

Pelders criticized the way police handle male rape cases and the way they interact with victims. “They often don’t open cases, or they are encouraged not to open cases,” he said, adding, “We need to change the way that we see rape in the country, there are male victims.”

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