Man pawns his $160,000 collection of Jordans for a down payment on a new home


By Next Shark

In a story out in Beijing, China, a man who has a passion for collecting Nike sneakers recently pawned 283 pairs of Jordans that took him 20 years to collect.

According to the Legal Evening News, the 30-year-old man needed money for a down payment on an apartment before getting married (happy wife, happy life, amiright?). The man was given 1 million yuan (roughly $160,000) for his collection. The pawn shop’s owner valued the collection at 1.8 million yuan, so he has potential upside if he sells all the shoes at that value.

Sneaker collecting has proven to be quite lucrative over the years. Last summer, 16-year-old Harlem resident Chase Reed launched the world’s first sneaker pawn shop using $30,000 he made from selling his sneaker collection as seed funding.

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