Man meets girl at a bar, they have a nightcap, and he wakes up without his……


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We’re pretty sure this isn’t how he wanted his night to end

Usually, when someone begins a story like “guy meets girl at a bar,” there are a limited set of conclusions. Either guy is successful–gets girls’ number, gets invited upstairs for a nightcap–or guys is unsuccessful, and slouches back into a booth with his boys, and drinks the pain and sorrow of his rejection away with his boys.

Well, there’s always that “guy meets girl at a bar, girl cuts his balls off” ending, right?

Unfortunately, that’s the story of Dmitry Nikolaev, who is an actor currently under an unimaginable load of stress, after a bizarre encounter with a “young blonde woman” approximately 30 years of age. The woman invited the marrid Nikolaev into a sauna, and against his better judgement, Nikolaev followed her. What happened next sounds like the twisted plot of an independent film.

According to The Daily Mail‘s police source, “they kissed, had some more beer, and after that the actor remembers nothing.” Nikolaev woke up the next morning at a bus stop in pain, and with a great bloody stain in his crotch area. The shocking part? His testicles were surgically removed, by “someone with a medical education,” leading authorities to believe that they’re searching for a crime gang including a doctor or surgeon, more than likely selling human organs on the black market.


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