Man kills wife and his mother helps him hide the body


By The New York Daily News

The body of a missing New Jersey mother of two has been recovered in Maryland after prosecutors said a GPS in her husband’s vehicle led authorities to her remains.

Erica Crippen 26, who police believe was murdered by her husband on New Year’s Day, was found bound with an electrical cord and duct tape beneath a pile of branches and tree limbs Tuesday in a rural, Sykesville grove, prosecutors said.

The tragic discovery, about 30 miles northwest of Baltimore, followed authorities searching the surrounding area after a GPS in her husband’s truck revealed his unusual travel there in the days after she went missing.

That 28-year-old man, Kyle Crosby, was arrested and charged in January with his Mount Laurel wife’s murder. He had an infant with Crippen and shared custody of her 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

“Her family can now give Erica the proper burial that they have longed to provide,” Burlington County Prosecutor Robert Bernardi said Wednesday while announcing her body’s recovery.

“Domestic violence is a terrible scourge on our society. The result in this case was the ultimate evil,” Bernardi said. “Kyle Crosby took the life of his wife, the woman he pledged to love and honor. We will seek justice for Erica, but that will never erase the pain of her loss felt so strongly by her family.”

Crosby’s 67-year-old mother, Jo Crosby, was also arrested Monday and charged with helping conceal her son’s crime after allegedly deleting incriminating evidence on her cellphone.

She was released after posting 10% of $12,500 bail.

Police set their sight on Crosby after a Jan. 12 traffic stop by Brooklawn police led to a foot chase in Camden County.

A search of his wife’s vehicle, which he was found driving, contained several items authorities deemed having “evidential value in connection to her disappearance.”

He was charged with her murder a day later and is being held on $1.2 million bail.

Following his arrest a forensic examination of his GPS in his car revealed more than 8,600 coordinates, many indicating him having spent a lengthy time in Carroll County, Md., prosecutors said.

Investigators following his trail then came across her body, described as discarded about 85 feet from the roadway.

“I’d like to thank the Mount Laurel community for all of their support during this difficult investigation,” said Mount Laurel Police Chief Dennis Cribben. “I appreciate the extreme commitment of the police officers and detectives who worked endless hours to bring this investigation to a successful conclusion. Everyone concerned can be assured justice will be served to Kyle Crosby for this horrible crime that needlessly left two children without a mother”.

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