Man inserts this into his penis thinking it was going to make him larger


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A man needed surgical help after allowing his friend to give him homemade peen injections with vaseline.

Queerty reports:

Just when we thought we’d heard it all, a Hungarian man injected his penis with petroleum jelly. He wanted it to appear larger. Instead, the organ became so swollen and the pain so intense that he stopped being able to have sex.

“Every day is difficult for me,” 24-year-old Szilveszter recently lamented in TLC’s latest freak show Extreme Beauty Disasters. “It’s very painful and bleeding. This was the worst mistake in my life!”

Szilveszter went on to explain that he first got the idea to inject his dong with Vaseline from a friend.

“I said to my friend I want to lose weight as I think my penis is small,” he recalled. “He said you don’t need to lose weight, I can help you. My friend injected in my penis Vaseline. Afterwards I was happy as it looked bigger.”

Nine moths later, Szilveszter’s penis began to change forms, becoming swollen and misshapen. On top of that, his foreskin swelled up 15 times its regular size, cracking in several places.

The pain was insurmountable.

Szilveszter went to several doctors, but none of them said they could help. So he turned to plastic surgeon Dr. Vik Vijh from Extreme Beauty Disasters.

“I have been doing plastic surgery now for 20 years,” Vijh said, “and I have never seen anything like this. Injecting petroleum jelly into the penis makes no sense on any level.”

“His penis,” the doctor added, “is a disaster.”

The only way to heal Szilveszter’s frankenpenis, Vijh said, was to literally skin the thing, then surgically remove the Vaseline and scar tissue.

After several hours on the operating table, all of the Vaseline that had been injected into Szilveszter’s penis was removed and the organ restored back to normal.

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