Man in denial about eating 10,000 calories a day- How he changed his life


By The Examiner

Joe Wexler, who was featured on the TLC show “My 600-lb Life,” was baffled about his inability to lose weight when he tipped the scales at 770-lbs. He saw himself as maintaining a healthy diet, but his weight remained stagnant and he wasn’t losing the pounds he needed to lose to be a candidate for weight-loss surgery, according to Sport Act on May 2.

Wexler got a rude awakening when doctor’s mapped out his daily caloric intake and presented him with the realistic look at what he was consuming on a daily basis. Wexler was ingesting 10,000 calories a day! This shocked the 770-lb man who has since learned that his ranch dressing and ice cream are high in fat.

According to Losing Fat News today, Wexler, 31, has hope today. He was lonely, he couldn’t drive and couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs. His weight forced him to become home bound and his own little world felt like it got smaller every day. He wanted to lose the weight when a doctor told him he was killing himself. The Tennessee native said “I feel like a prisoner inside this body.” He had been in and out of a hospital 10 times in the last nine months and decided to make a change.

He met with a nutritionist and started up at a gym. He went from 770-lbs to 652-lbs and was approved for the gastric bypass surgery, which in his case could be life-saving. Once undergoing the surgery and seeing the weight go down instead of up, he says he has renewed hope.

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